Why is Russia banned from the Olympics?

In 2019, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) had banned Russia from taking part in the games for four years due to the doping scandal. However, in 2020, this ban was reduced to two years after Russia has given some facts to the committee.

Does that mean Russia would be taking part in Tokyo 2021 Olympics?
The answer is Yes because you will not see Russia in the medal tally, nor you will get the chance to hear the national anthem of Russia when they win a gold medal. Nevertheless, you would not miss the Russian player because you will see them playing under the name of ROC. Are you confused?

Now you are curious to know about ROC?
ROC stands for Russian Olympics Committee. The ban is effective only on the Russian flag and the national anthem. So, ROC has fielded players in the sports festival under its banner. Due to this, you will see almost 355 Russians playing in the events of the Olympics. However, they won’t get the chance to raise the national flag or play the national anthem. While playing or getting the medals, they can wear uniforms with designs similar to the country’s flag, which is against World Anti-Doping Agency’s recommendation for neutral colours, and with the acronym ROC. It would not be wrong to say this ban can only bar the Russian flag and national anthem but not their sportsmen spirit.

If you are a fan of Russian athletes, cheer up because your favourite Russian players will be playing in the tournament.

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